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Mason gets hot drinks for the boys while Mr.

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Mason sits down with the teens to share news about the town, the invasion and the war. Mason is a wall that supports many shelves of canned food. Mason gives Robert a battery powered radio, and Robert tries to refuse the valuable gift, but Mr. At one point in the scene, Mr. Mason gives his two granddaughters, Toni and Erica, to fight with the resistance group. Obviously this is something that no Grandfather would ever do unless he totally and completely trusted the boys. At the end of the scene, Mr. Mason provides them with horses, gives Jed a box of ammunition for his rifle, and sends them all into the mountains.

There is a precedent for creating safe houses and underground railroads throughout history. Becoming a safe house is easy, you simply open your door when someone knocks, and no one ever has to know. Sometimes, that is all that your guest will need—just a place to hide for a short period of time, and then they can leave on their own. Sometimes, they need a means of escape. You can move freely because the authorities believe that you are harmless and no threat to them.

You help good people and maybe equipment get into, and out of, your area. You do it quietly, and no one ever has to know about it. How often would you have guests? No one can answer that question. Many of the waypoints on the underground railroad during the Civil War were established but were never used. However, as he goes along, he finds it hard to follow his own code of not involving civilians see stages - and he's surrounded by people who tell him he shouldn't bother. His immense guilt over the infamous Diabolus ex Machina situation in the end of season one has him labelling himself a terrorist after that.

But the series does explore this issue and search for the place where "resisting the empire" no longer justifies sacrificing civilians. The side manga Oz the Reflection reveals the existence of Peace Mark, a worldwide terrorist faction that hates The Empire just as much as Zero does.

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Season 2, however, has Celestial Being allied with Katharon, a Karaba- Expy organization who fit the trope better. Many of their attacks felt like terrorist movements, until we learned what they were targeting was in fact very specific.

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Granted some collateral damage. In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex , the third and fourth World Wars have left Japan with a large population of refugees probably Chinese and Korean , who live in camps made of ruined and abandoned cities enclosed by fences and guarded by the military. Forced to live in poverty and without any place to go, many of them resolve to take hostages, assassinate political officials, and perform suicide bombings to force the government to give them a new home.

In the second season, one of the two main antagonists is a Japanese man who becomes one of the rebels' greatest leaders and is considered a hero for the refugees , but the country's top terrorist by the government. Given that Ghost in the Shell deals heavily with conspiracies, things are a lot more complicated, though. Then there are the Individual Eleven who claim to represent the will of the mainstream Japanese populace, and pursue "refugee liberation" read: "kick them out of the country! In the first episode of the second season the Major in turn compares the Section 9 to a terrorist organization, since they're a secret armed group that lacks governmental recognition or supervision—they do get the said recognition later in the same episode, though.

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Legally speaking, any actions taken without government sanction would have been illegal e. The Major hacking the terrorists, the use of lethal force would be murder, etc. Magi has several examples due to the socio political theme of the story. The Fog troupe a rebel group in Balbad are led by the hero himself at some point. They wish to overthrow the oppressive king but the true leader is ready to commit acts that endanger civilians. Then we have Al Thamen, that is an actual world read universe scale terrorist organization.

Their goal is pure freedom since they want to overthrow destiny itself. The problem is that the very way to do so involves creating wars and causing the deaths of billions The title characters of The Seven Deadly Sins are considered as criminals before and after they were framed.

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However a number of them are good people at heart. When a princess decides to seek them out to save her kingdom, they become this trope. One Piece plays with this concept a bit. The fact that a few of them were already on the run from the world government for political reasons they knew something the world government didn't want the public to know doesn't help. Then there's the Revolutionaries, who directly challenge the World Government, and within six years, have gained from strength to strength, to the point that its leader is considered "The Worst Criminal In The World".

Most of what we know about them has been mentioned by other characters, and we have not seen much on the organisation as a whole, what its aim are, or even the aftermath of their actions. However, individual members of them seem to be decent enough folk. Rishar explains the anti-government forces' reasons for engaging in the civil war, showing that both sides of the conflict have legitimate aims. Mickey feels conflicted after meeting Rishar but remains loyal to Area Mickey: I didn't want to hear his problems.

It'll be harder for me to fight now. Comic Books. Buffy the Vampire Slayer : The basic view of the world in Season 9, with Slayers being seen as terrorists persecuting vampires who are now beloved. Simone does not help, her appearance in the first issue even invoking that she is a domestic terrorist. An infamous moment from Secret Wars had Wolverine , veteran of far more battles than Captain America , define terrorism as "what the big army calls the little army.

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Naturally this also happens in a more textbook fashion with regards to the rebelling faction of said Civil War. Freedom Fighters uses this as a recurring theme with the team usually viewed in a negative light. Their earliest stories featured them as the only heroes on a world controlled underneath Nazi rule, which makes this trope very obvious. More recently they are antagonists of the black-ops government organization S. This is a prominent theme in Savage , with the title character considered a heroic freedom fighter by the British, but a brutal terrorist by the occupying Volgans.

Though not a terrorist as such since he had government backing during his heyday , the KGBeast is portrayed in this manner in Aquaman and the Others. Upon hearing his name, freelance spy The Operative and Soviet-engineered super-cosmonaut Vostok offer near-opposite different descriptions and opinions of him and his actions. Their actions in Mastermen 1 show this in full, especially after they received help from Herr Doktor Sivana. Judge Dredd deconstructs the whole "Freedom Fighters" angle. Mega-City One is an authoritarian police state while the terrorists trying to overthrow it are democrats.

While the Judges are hideously oppressive, extreme groups like Total War aren't really depicted as being in the right either. Of course, what she was really doing was rebelling against Khan Noonian Singh , but you know what they say about who writes the history books. Or speciesist Right Wing Militia Fanatics bent on slaughtering every non-human? The PER: Saviors of a fallen humanity? Or Quislings who've thrown away their humanity in exchange for "paradise"? Or Knight Templars who believe everyone should be ponified, regardless of whether they like it or not?

In Dauntless , the various groups opposing Brittanian occupation of Japan run the gamut. Lelouch adjusts his methods of dealing with them accordingly.

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The small resistance force whose members include Kallen, Ohgi, Tamaki, and the late Naoto is also the most idealistic one. Lelouch is perfectly willing to grant them amnesty, providing they don't cause any more trouble since he wants to recruit Kallen. The JLF are also pretty idealistic and honorable, though they are willing to do harsher things for their cause. Lelouch is willing to let them go into exile in China since he wants to use them at a later date.

He makes an exception for the JLF member who ordered an attack on civilians, including Lelouch's former schoolmates and sister Euphemia.