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That was witty and funny and it tracked logically, plot-wise. This does not, as usual. The writing is bad for the first pages, but it's good at the end. Basically, though, this is like a three note tune, depressed and suicidally bleak. View all 4 comments. Jan 07, Marianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: shapeshifters-weres-dragons-etc , urban-fantasy , demons-devils-gargoyles , magic-summoning-witches-wizards , favorite-series , favorites. While I did not find the first Jill Kismet novel as fascinating as the first Dante Valentine, it was still pretty darn good. Religion plays a bigger part in people's everyday lives, probably because of the beings that go bump in the night; namely the hellspawn, and the humans known as "traders", who barter their souls for favors.

It is Jill's job to bump back, hard.

- Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow

Jill is a former prostitute, saved and men While I did not find the first Jill Kismet novel as fascinating as the first Dante Valentine, it was still pretty darn good. Jill is a former prostitute, saved and mentored by Mikhail, a now deceased hunter, and she has been trained to take over his role as protector of the city. However, to give Jill and edge whilst battling demons, Mikhail also persuaded her to make a trade of her own with the head hellspawn in town, Perry: Jill gets supernatural strength.

Perry gets Jill a few hours a month. But not her soul For now It's a lonely existence. All I can say is: This is really interesting world building. Some weres even work for the FBI. So when a rogue were and a hellspawn are seen working together, weres, the police and Jill must join forces to solve the grisly crimes. I loved the characters. Perry, the demon, may appear to be just an unassuming businessman with a penchant for pain. But he is obviously flirting with danger and his own safety in order to entrap Jill.

He's just deliciously evil. Saul, a were cat, is his polar opposite. He's constantly invading Jill's physical and psychological space. Saul is seriously adorable in a mulish, but quietly supportive kind of way. The story of the unlikely alliance between two pawns, at the mercy of one of the most powerful demons from New York, was touching. Bottom line: I'd love to get to know Jill and her world a lot better. Jan 11, Andrew rated it it was amazing. Night Shift is Urban Fantasy gone hardcore.

Jill is a hunter, a human trained to lay the smackdown whenever the supernatural starts messing with the normal world. The entire book could have gone wrong at that point as a super strong, quick human protag Night Shift is Urban Fantasy gone hardcore. Jill is hard to like at first, and Saintcrow has the character push her luck far more than is healthy considering how often she seems to annoy the powers that be, but as the book goes on Jill evolves naturally into someone just as hard-ass, but far more likable.

Perry Pericles is the demon giving Jill enough juice to fight the forces of darkness. Perry himself is extremely well written, and often feels far more of a threat than the main bad guys. It was an interesting read, but I believe that I wasn't in a mood to read dark fantasy so I will return to the series in the future when I will appreciate it more! Jan 09, Nichole DirrtyH rated it liked it Shelves: werewolves , , demons , urban-fantasy , shapeshifters.

I'm hoping it suffered a little from "1st in a series" syndrome and the rest will pick up a little bit. Jill is a Hunter - she keeps her city safe from demons, aka hellbreed.

But in order to be the best Hunter she can be, she has made a deal with the numero uno demon in town. He lends her extra strength, power and uber fast healing ability in exchange for a couple hours a month of her time. He has a bit of a masochistic streak. Bodies are piling up around the city, some of them cops, and Jill has to figure out what's going on.

Pretty basic urban fantasy premise, and it never broke any molds. What's enjoyable about the series is Saintcrow's writing, and I anticipate that there's a lot she could do with this series. This one fell short a little bit though, and here's why. As mentioned above, this didn't really tread any new ground. It was a little melodramatic. Everyone around Jill seemed to need years of therapy after seeing a glimpse of the stuff she dealt with, and she was constantly swallowing back bile and trying not to throw up, or she was shaking or having some over the top physical reaction to everything.

I get that this was dark and it was meant to show a much grittier side than a lot of the lighter, more funny urban fantasy I've been reading, but after awhile I wanted to smack Jill and tell her to grow up already. There is a hint of a romance, and it's interesting for what it is, but it was so underdeveloped it may as well not have been there at all.

I know absolutely nothing about this guy that Jill was suddenly all interested in.

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If you're going to toss in a love interest, you could try to make him interesting instead of just sticking him in there because you think you need one. This book would have been just as good if he had been eliminated entirely. Hopefully he'll have more to do in future books. I did enjoy this book and despite it's faults, I think it's a promising start. I'll definitely be picking up book 2 soon. Hopefully it can build on what's there and go somewhere good. Book 2 will be a deal breaker. View all 14 comments. Dec 10, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy.

This was an interesting story. She has traded with a hell breed demon for some extra powers, and once a month she has to go to him for an hour, and beat him up. Not sure why he wants that, I think he wants Jill to become evil or something. Anyway, there is a hellbreed that is on the loose and killed 5 cops.

Tore them to pieces and left those pieces on a major highway. Jill has been called in This was an interesting story. Jill has been called in to figure out what did it. When she gets on scene she smells the hellbreed they smell of death but she also smells something else. Turns out there is also a rogue were on the loose. Two weres who work with the FBI have tracked the rogue were to Jill's city, and they have brought along another were named Saul, to try to catch the rogue.

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They all have to work together to find the rogues before more people die. I thought that Saintcrow's take on demons was interesting.

Series: Jill Kismet

They are called hell breeds and they are above ground and look beautiful on the outside. Traders are humans that make deals with the hell breeds. There aren't that many books that I have read that have demons in it, and I liked that this book had that diversity. It was fast paced and sometimes the flashbacks were a little irritating, but overall I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy and some demon action. May 09, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-peoples , can-t-get-enough-of , favorites , heartbreak-and-loss , shifters , mystery-and-sherlocking , strong-and-kickass-heroines , kleenex-tissues-required , books-i-love-dearly , heartwarming.

Positively in love with this book - with a kick-ass heroine, heart-wrenching tragedy, tonnes of sharp weapons, cute weres and twisted mysteries to solve, it's the perfect novel to snuggle up with and read deep into the night. Oct 30, Meigan rated it it was amazing Shelves: magic-or-witchcraft-or-summoning , hell-satan-devil-underworld , demons , author-completed-series , weres-or-shapeshifters , witch-mage-wizard-sorceror-warlock , kissing-books , urban-fantasy. While it may have helped in getting a feel for the author's writing style, Danny's world and Jill's aren't the same. Dante's is futuristic, complete with gadgets, weird fabrics, technologically enhanced modes of transportation, which makes everything feel markedly "different".

Jill's world is an altered version of ours, everything is pretty much the same with just a few tweaks to make it more hers than ours.

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Bottom line - you don't have to read one series in order to "get" the next, because the stories and the worlds aren't related. Now, on to the the review I loved Jill. Absolutely adored her. Mikhail finds her on the street, rescues her, and trains her to be be a hellbreed hunter. Something happened to Mikhail, leaving Jill to fend for herself. The story starts out with her still in a period of mourning which lends a hand to her coming off as broken.

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  • But she isn't broken, not in the least. She's determined, tough, cynical, but what makes her not "broken" is that she cares. Not only about her job, but about people. She has friends, she cares for her coworkers, she cares about good versus evil, the light vs the dark. Hardly broken. May need a bit of fixing, but she's getting there.