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But there was something I left out, or at least minimized, which is important now. This inherent, perpetual process is not led from outside, as if on a cajoling leash yes, again with the dog references. No, it is internal. The initial affirmation not only passes into its negation, it notably splits itself into itself and its negation.

In the for-another mode, it is this subject that was the in-itself before, that finds its object in the other. Oh this has not gotten any better, has it! Night has qualities.

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It is dark. The thing is though, night in itself is an empty idea. It exists, but it has no substance. Night makes no logical sense unless it is posed in opposition to day. Not only is there a relationship of co-dependence between night and day, but the concept of night contains the concept of day, as its negation, already within it. A little more on that last point: Night is the opposite of day.

In this example, night not only inherently passes into its negation, day, it also already contains day within itself.

Night contains its opposite. This is the principle of determinate negation, basically. Adorno likes this stage of the dialectic. The A confronts the not-A as its necessary negation, that implicitly exists within the logic of the A. When you look at A, really look at A, you find not-A as well; and moreover you find A and not-A in a relationship of contradiction.

Adorno wants to encourage this kind of thinking through his negative dialectic.

Adorno's Negative Dialectic

Look within A, and discover its internal contradictions! Let the object and the concept meet and duke it out. Keep on doing this, and your thinking will not become complacent. We should not assume, however, that negativity is a good thing absolutely, in all cases, by definition.

Adorno's Negative Dialectics

Adorno does not want us to just reject things mindlessly. His is not a philosophy of nihilism in that way. He wants us to dedicatedly examine our own concepts. Further, he insists that the positive and the negative are both aspects of the dialectic.

Negativity and positivity need one another, and we need them both. Up to this point, Adorno is still in step with Hegel. More Hating on the Negation of the Negation. Adorno hates this second negation fetishism. Hegel has this idea that the 2 nd negation preserves the in-itself and the for-another moments within a higher, all-embracing for-itself moment; but Adorno says this is not the case.

In the Prison of the Open World: Breach of Negative Dialectics – The Brooklyn Rail

The 2 nd negation only sort of preserves the in-itself and for-another moments, or the initial affirmation and its determinate negation. The rest of the story is that it perverts them both. You cannot have your day and eat it too. His analysis of Adorno's transcendental strategy is novel and challenging. An invaluable contribution to Adorno studies.

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O'Connor takes Adorno seriously as a philosopher, rather than regarding the philosophy as a mere epiphenomenon of the social theory. Taking full account of important recent work in German, he also brings a clear and analytical intelligence to the dissection and reconstruction of some of Adorno's central arguments. O'Connor's study makes Adorno's vital and detailed contributions to epistemology and metaphysics harder than ever to ignore.

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“Many thanks to Teddie Adorno”: Negative Dialectics at Fifty

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